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Pozo Izquierdo is one of the most important spots of the world to navigate, because not only is the cradle of large international riders, but that is one of the places in the world with better conditions of wind and waves for the practice of windsurfing. If you are traveling to Pozo Izquierdo, you can travel with your material or without the. If you are traveling with your material can be found in the places people ready to leave your computer, and if you have chosen to travel without it, one of the centers with more material available is LPWINDSURF (LPWS) already that you can count with the latest in Starboard, Naish, JP on tables and Neil Pryde, Naish, Severne and Maui Sails in candles (more info in

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In Tarajalillo, less than 11km and 13 minutes away from the Bungalows Playamar is the largest Karting circuit in Spain, which is intended for both adults and for children. The senior track has a length of 1,650 meters, and can be reached at speeds of 80 km/hr. In the GRAN KARTING CLUB tasting the new Minibikes, unique in Europe, after the age of 5 years in the karting track child. You can feel the sensation of speed in the karting track Senior to 80 km/hour. In the Junior track may lead the young between 12 - 16 years. The age of 5 years will be able to enjoy the Miniformulas and the Mini Moto. For more information it is recommended to visit the web of Karting

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Aqualand is one of the largest water parks in the Canary Islands, is located less than 8km and 15 minutes of Bungalows Playamar, in addition to the swimming pool for adults and a miniature golf course consisting of 18 holes with their aquatic attractions, with names as suggestive as Congo River, adrenaline, Kamikaze, Aquamania, Anaconda, Tornado.
For the smaller ones have a special area for them, the Mini Park with amusement adapted to the size of the children. Soft tracks, Rapids, water slides and water games more fun in a totally safe environment.
It also offers the possibility of swimming with sea lions. Swimming with these animals is a feeling that one inexplicable and stored in its memory the whole life. The sea lions are some animal friendly, playful and intelligent, and a few true acrobats that amaze with their antics. Each day Aqualand Maspalomas offers the possibility to learn about these animals, but not only bathe with them, but know through a theory class its origin, idiosyncrasy, habitat and habits.
For more information we recommend visiting the website of Aqualand.

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The park is located in a magnificent natural environment: a ravine in which they live more than 200 species of plants and animals from the five continents.
Palmitos Park is synonymous with nature and is designed so that you can enjoy it, either for free, or as a spectator of some of the various shows that offers to its visitors, among which the exhibition of birds of prey and exotic.
The park offers a series of activities related to the enjoyment and the care of the natural environment in which it is located. It should be noted the butterfly house, which has dozens of different species; the botanical garden with more than 30 species of orchids. In its aquarium, Palmitos brings together a wide variety of tropical fish and corals in our small reef of the Pacific. Along with all this, the park also inhabit different species of mammals and reptiles from the five continents.
For more information we recommend visiting the website of Palmitos Park.


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